Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekly Weigh In–Stupid Super Bowl Party

How’s that for a lovely “pass the buck” title?    So to get the pain out of the way, let me say that yes I did gain 1 pound this week.

Now onto the why’s behind the number.  On Saturday I had a 2 hour “me time” while the kids and spouse were at various activities.  So I ran by Starbucks and bought a Frappuccino for lunch (it WAS my lunch, not in addition to lunch)…but still it was loaded with sugar, fat and calories…but it was really good and I truly enjoyed every sip!

Later in the evening we made homemade pizza and brownies for dinner.   I went light on the pizza, but did indulge in a brownie.  I didn’t eat the whole pan (in fact 3 days later and the pan still has brownies in it), this was a victory.

Super Bowl Sunday is probably what truly did me in.   I drank soda the entire evening, instead of water.  The 7 layer taco dip was my dinner, and there was a yummy dessert.  I didn’t eat a lot of anything, I never felt stuffed.  However, I just wasn’t really paying attention to what I ate, and it showed.

But you know, it’s 1 pound..it’ll be gone soon.  The weekend was truly enjoyable, and I’m ok with that!   How did you do?

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