Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 4th Celebration

My Mom’s birthday is July 1,so every year her birthday dinner falls during the July 4th festivities.  So of course, the birthday dinner is always a cookout in the back yard followed by the town’s fireworks display.

This year we entered a new phase.  Olivia is no longer afraid of fireworks, in fact she’s downright giddy over them now.  Even to the point of having her very own sparkler this year.  She kept dancing around with it saying “I’ve got my very own firework!”.  Too bad I didn’t think to put the camera on the low light setting when I tried to take a photo.  So this is the best I came up with.


The glow stick bracelets give it a nice splash of color though, don’t you think?

The girls got to spend time with their cousin Harlie.   They are such goof balls!030 Here are a few photos of the fireworks.  I really need to work on my night time photography skills.



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Jolanthe said...

Night time pics are hard!! :) Our kids had their first fireworks ever this year ~ I wish we would have done it much fun.

Well, other than the losing Zachary part! hee hee