Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's Have a Tea!

It's amazing how in this day of technology, we can have dear friends, hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away...and never meet one another. Such is my relationship with my friend Janet from Texas. We "met" on a board for tea lovers. We exchange Christmas gifts (usually tea related or handcrafted items), random notes and cards of encouragement, and lots of emails.

Currently Janet is hostessing our Flat Stella from our homeschool project. (Which by the way has just passed the 1 year mark.) I can't wait to see what fun things the two of them get into together!

Janet has a lovely website that I LOVE! It's cozy and warm and inviting, much like a cup of tea. As the cooler weather sneaks up on us (please God, let it cool off SOON), I thought you might all like to have a refreshing cup of tea, or two.

Visit Janet at Let's Have a Tea! and tell her Joesette sent you. You'll find yummie recipes, fine books, crafts that are too cute, and a warm hello!

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